Day 10 - Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers earn their living online. In fact many successful bloggers are affiliate marketers too. This is a perfect example of how the different ways to make a living online blend together.

Bloggers often attract sponsorships and are able to sell products of their own. By providing variety and a diversity of products sharing the best of their niche online, bloggers and website owners increase their revenue exponentially.

Email Marketing

Affiliate marketing however is not exclusive to website owners and bloggers. Some affiliate marketers earn online purely by email list management and distribution. A daily, weekly or monthly newsletter built on a strong mailing list means that you will build a list of repeat customers. This kind of marketing helps to build a passive income. While writing articles and testing other peoples websites is a good source of paid income, once the job is done, so is the money. When you build a strong list of returning customers, they will share links and refer their friends too.

Word of Mouth marketing is one the best ways to make a living online. Creating a well structured landing page  to build your mailing list a key element to email marketing. Putting the page together is critical because you will want people to subscribe.

Once you understand what it is that makes people click and send you their email address, you will build your following quickly. It is important to remember that an email list ten thousand strong, but you only get fifty sales a month from is not as worth as much as an email list that is two thousand strong but produces two hundred sales for each of your campaigns.

Becoming an affiliate

An affiliate will sell products for a third party. There are a number of affiliate management companies that run affilaite programmes for businesses that sell online. These include supermarkets like Tesco and Hosting providers like Godaddy. Whatever your niche, you will find a multitude of businesses that are well known brands that you can link to in order to earn. Whether you are marketing by email only or also writing a blog (Which increases profits) You will make money by linking to the best known brands and introducing new brands.

One of the best ways to start is by joining one of the best known affiliate marketplaces - Clickbank

Affilaite marketing works by you - the publisher placing strtegic links in your content to the advertiser who then pays you either according to clicks or to sales at checkout. This is done by tracking codes and pixels. You will have our own unique tracking ID which forms part of the URLs that you use to link to the advertiser. With every affiliate contract you will be able to see how your links are performing and using analytics, will help you to track the behaviout of your traffic.

30 ways in 30 Days is an excellent foundation course to discover all the skills that you need to produce a digital income, right from your own home. Affiliate marketing is an ever evolving digital business and you will need to keep up to date to stay ahead of the competition. That said as you build your digital skills you will discover how easy it is to spend only a few hours every day updating your business making a full time income.

One you have covered the affiliate part of the 30 ways in 30 days foundation, you may decide that you want to upgrade your entry skills and follow up on the intermediate Affiliate marketing course which will place amongst those affiliate marketers that use multiple methods to earn money through affiliate marketing.

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