Day 11 - Build a craft shop online

30 ways in 30 days
You see them every festive season. The craft designers online selling their wares, In fact craft sales have become an established form of online income. 

From jewellery to housewares and handbags. Glass, ceramic, plastic. Recycled goods do very well. Many people use craft makers to seek out a unique gift for a friend or relative.

Some crafts are easily learned, others take a lifetime to master. Those that sell crafts tend to develop multiple assets online. They will build a craft shop and a blog, social media pages and accounts and in quick time build a thriving business.

Etsy and Dawanda

Craft sites such as Etsy and Dawanda do all the hard work with online marketing although they also have to compete with the likes of Ebay and others that list their products on Google shopping. These platforms are secure and mean that you dont have to establish your own payment gateways. They are an excellent starting point. Even the most cash strapped startup can make money online selling on these platforms.

Whether they make felt Christmas decorations, or papier mache jewellery, all orders are paid up front so the make knows that they have been paid. Pricing has to take into consideration the commission that the craft platform takes, so costing needs to be done efficiently. 

Remember that the customer will also have to pay postage so while you need to make a profit, people will only pay what they are prepared to pay in total.

By developing your webcopy and using social media platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook to drive more traffic many an individual stuck with staying at home has managed to keep the wolf from the door.

Etsy is the most successful online platform for craft professionals. 30 Ways in 30 Days will guide you through the process of setting up an Etsy store and the registration process. It is the preferred go to place for unusual gifts and bespoke items.

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