Day 14 - Work as a virtual assistant

Some small businesses are simply too busy. They need someone to answer their phones, manage their emails and set up appointments. In steps the virtual assistant. 

You answer the phone as if it is theirs type a few letters and check their email. Of course every VA job is different, but working as a Virtual assistant means that you dont have to leave your home.

Basic Tools

As a virtual assistant you will need a good broadband connection, A space in your home from which you can work and a few established skills, usually with using office software such as Microsoft applications. The ability to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are vital skills for any virtual assistant. Microsoft offers free training in these applications online at thir support site for Office 365

You may be required to answer emails as well as phone calls. If you are going to have to return phone calls we recommend a phone package that covers anytime calls. Personal assistants will also do things like make travel arrangements, arrange the purchase of gifts, post to social media channels and post articles to your blog.

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