Day 13 - Create Videos online

30 Ways in 30 days
In the Same way that those that write well can earn by copywriting, People with a creative touch can produce short online video. There are a number of very useful tools available online. 

Most businesses that need an explainer video made for them seek out people to do it for them, not because they cannot do it themselves, but simply because they do not have the time. using the right platforms, most of the film clips are available and only need to be edited and put together to form an exciting commercial video that can be sold to clients.

Using SAAS apps

SAAS means software as a service. These apps come in a variety of versions. Free, basic and various sages of premium. What makes them really useful is those starting off can often use a premium version for a trial period. Find some clients while you are in the trial perios and once youve been paid, You can pay for the premium version and continue to work, building your Portfolio and your client base.

With sites such as Veeroll, Videoscribe and more, you can makes some exceptional online video with all the tools available online. These sites have templates that can be used to structure your video, edit it and publish it. Whats more sites such as Veeroll will even help with publishing and appropriate keyword research.

Making short videos for companies and digital agencies will keep you employed for a long time to come.

The best places to source clients are on platforms such as Freelancer and Fiver although there are several others too.

Advertising using free online classifieds and business pages on facebook will help you a long way.

30 Ways in 30 days will take you through the foundations of using online video software to build an online income. Once you have completed the foundation course, you will be equipped to complete a more intermediate programme enabling you to widen your portfolio.

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