Day 15 - Start a Social Media Service

Everyday new businesses start up that simply dont have the time to do everything. if you already use social media everyday then you will be quite savvy with how these platforms work. 

There is a lot of free education out there and platforms like Facebook even have their own tutorial and guideline sections. By agreeing to post a certain number of Tweets and Facebook posts and so many images per day per client you can build up a good income.

The first thing you will have to do is find a good scheduling tool. Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite are very popular and reasonably priced. They also come with free trials so you can get started without having to pay up front.

You will need to get your head around what your clients will want to achieve from their social media presence. Some are trying to build brand identity while others will want to increase sales. Its important to establish desired outcome because this will influence the type of content that you post.

Social Media content is so much more than messaging and memes. The content you post will include video, quizzes, articles and promotional items. learning how to do this can be done systematically and quickly.

If you want to make a living managing social media it will require that you keep learning. The digital sphere is forever changing and thus it involves staying on top of ever evolving trends. The important thing is to keep the service simple.

Find out about listening tools, both standalone and as part of a management suite, that help to monitor the brands you service online. Once you have the basic tools and skills, you will be able to take on your first client.

There are excellent opportunities for attracting New clients as a provider on portals such as People per Hour

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