Day 18 - Become an online trader

WARNING* - Online trading requires knowledge of  stocks, options and currencies. Unless youre prepared to take a course and undergo a steep learning curve, do not consider this option. Online Trading can make you filthy rich, it can also bankrupt you overnight. If youre still iterested - read on.

The growth in online trading platforms has been phenomenal over the last five years. There have been promises of overnight wealth and stories abound of people never having to work a 40 hour week again. While many of these may be true, there is a much darker side to online trading. Not everyone can be an absolute winner in this field. People are encouraged to invest in and build a trading portfolio often by advisors and brokers who will take a percentage of your earnings. Advisors never have only one client and while it is in their interest that you will profit, you will run all the risks.

Now that we have gotten through the Scary stuff. There are 

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