Day 19 - Gain a Digital Qualification - FREE

Yes, everyone wants to earn more money, but everything seems to have a ceiling. Right? Wrong. Everything that you learn to do online can be the next step into the world of employment. If you're a stay at home Mum that has a big gap in your CV or have been out of work for a long time because of illness, entering the job market can be quite scary.

A really good way to overcome this is to explore online qualifications that are accredited and valued. Two of these qualifications are with Google - become qualified as a Google Analyst amongst others, and Microsoft -  Who have their MVA - Microsoft Virtual Academy. The online education is free and employers recognise them.

Even if you decide to continue to work from home these skills can come in handy with any of the online income sources mentioned above.

Become an Analyst

Once you understand the information that Google collates and how it uses it, then you can use the information to provide reports and breakdowns for your clients

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