Day 29 - Become a Landlord for a day or Two

AirBnb is not only for those who have additional properties to rent out. If you browse some of the favourite locations for seasonal visitors you'll find that there are people making money renting out their sofa for the night. 

If you have a spare room, as long as its clean and inhabitable you could add a few more pounds to it. This takes a little more than just your time online. 

You will have to be available for your guest and provide everything you promise, but a sofa for £15 a night or a spare room for anything from £25 to £80 a night is not be sniffed at. make sure that you meet all the criteria and wont get into trouble with your landlord or local authority. The rules will vaty slightly from one local authority to another but be sure to check how many days a year you can rent out space in your home before you have to be licenced.

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