Day 30 - Rent out your body

No we dont mean sell to the highest bidder! This opportunity is about advertising yourself online for different types of artistic modelling. Some of the jobs are for nude studeis, but remember that you  dont have to do anything that you are not comfortable with. Not all jobs will require you to be nude, but the Nude models do get paid more. 

Models are needed nationwide, not only for Artists in residence or studios, but also by colleges, and other Art schools. 

Your age, size and shape wont matter as the idea is that the Artists need to be able to draw anyone. Additionally Art schools will look for models confident enough for Photography. 

As a rule your travel costs will be covered and you are paid a fee for the day or days that you are needed. Register on a site like RAM (Reister of Artists Models) and take up the opportunity. be prepared you could be called to work at any time. This is a fun and different way of earning your keep and may well be the way of keeping the wolf from the door.

Modelling is not the only way to get paid for your body. Clinical trials pay well, but you will need to meet the Criteria. Even when you are quite healthy, people are needed as controls when research is being conducted.

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