Day 5 - Publish a book to Kindle

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For many people publishing a book on Kindle may seem to be a daunting task. The truth is that there are hundreds of thousands of ebooks available online. 

Topics are only limited by the imagination. Using really good spell and grammar checkers that are available in most word processing applications are a good start.

It really is possible to write a book as long as you have a really good proofreader. Find a friend or two - preferably two or more that can read well. They will check your writing and help to fix your style so that it is considered friendly  by your readership. Most people can write a book.

Choose your topic

In the same way that when you decide on a blogging niche, choosing your topic for your first Kindle publication should be something you know well. Whether it will be fiction or non fiction your first publishing experience should be a positive one. Think carefully about demand. What do people want to read about. If your'e an artist perhaps a short guide on how to paint landscapes successfully. 

The length is not important

Some Kindle books are only 15 to 20 pages long but they contain information that holds great value to the readers. Simple and straightforward guides priced at £1 will sell in volume. When writing multiple kindle books in a series the voume will increase as readers want to read the other books in the series.

Once you have written your first book/s and you develop more confidence move onto larger more complex projects and charge more for your books. Remember to explore what your competitors are writing about and read their books to get your head around their writing style. This is especially important with the books that are selling well.

The books are digital

When you are writing for Kindle the book is digital in format. This means that you will be able to include links in the book when you publish it. When readers click on the links they will be taken out of the book to the link address. This means that you can also embed video content in your book making it a more valuable read.

Formatting is critical

Amazon prefers Word Format. When you upload your book and it is converted into kindle format the formatting that you used in Word will make a difference to how it turns out. before you upload the final version remember to have as many people read it and offer changes and fixes. Remember you are not writing the book for you. You are writing it for everybody else. The more people you have to proof and test the book, the better it will turn out. In the final stage if you can afford to pay a professional proof reader then invest in one. It makes it all worth the while.

You will also need to upload a design for the cover both front and back. Include a title page and a page for Table of contents seperately.

Register with Amazon KDP 

Kindle Digital Publishing is their publishing platform.and you will need to use this to get published. Once you have uploaded everything and completed the process inclusing completing the necessary tax forms it takes about 48 hours and your book will go live.

30 Ways in 30 days

By registering with 30 ways in 30 days short course guides you will be guided through the whole process of how to set up and register your Kindle account, how to upload your book and additional tasks such as creating a striking cover and Author Bio.

Most importantly marketing your book, thus exposing it and getting thise sales. There are plenty of ways to write a book, upload it and offer it for sale. Th e most important hing about yoour book is marketing it effectively. You can write the best book in the world if no one knows that it exists, they wont buy it. 30 ways in 30 days will provide a short guide as to how to get started, everything considered.

The guide will also cover areas such as marketing and promotion and strategies to get your book seen globally. For £1 a day for 30 days you will be able to cover 30 short courses covering online earning. Most of the skills are transferable to other parts of the courses and will enhance each other. These guides are designed so that they can provide access to multiple skills much in a way that cross training works.

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