Day 6 - Earn Commissions on your phone while you're out and about

There are several Mobile phone apps that provide opportunities to earn while you're out. 


Jobspotter is an app that was developed by Indeed. users spot a job advert advertised in a window. Take a picture of the advert and upload it. You can earn anything upwards of about £4 per job spotted. This is paid in Amazon gift cardsWord has it that local adverts attract a better commission than corporate adverts.

It gets more exciting than that however. There are several companies that will have jobs available during the day every day. You simply need to download th app and register. Some companies will require an invite code which can be found on their Social Media pages, and finding the right company that has the right amount of jobs where you live, may be trial and error.

The beauty of this kind of work is that there are no fees up front and payment is relatively quick.The first of these companies is Roamler.


Roamler is a popular app that provides opportu nities to do retail research work, driving deliveries and in some cases installation work. For all of the work they offer, you will receive training. Roamler has work available in more places than other, but you may sometimes get an invite code from someone who already workd for them or from looking on their Social Media pages.

Other Apps

There are several apps similar to Roamler. Each company has their own requirements and work availability will differ across the UK and where they operate globally. Some work from apps will only be available in the UK, however if youre planning a backpacking year, it may well pay off to work for a global provider.

30 Ways in 30 days is a short but intensive course with multiple earning ideas. many of the different earning opportunities can be taken up together, although if youre just looking for a little cash you may want to choose the easiest one for you. The course takes you through all the different opportunities with video and text training and all subscribers to the course will receive regular news updates with the latest opportunities and ideas

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