Day 7- Sell your Photos to an Agency

Those fantastic images you see on Pepsi adverts and many others... They have been sourced through everyday photographers like you. Using the Foap app, you can sign up and submit your images. 

Hundreds of agencies and corporates use Foap to source good images for their campaigns. Foap splits the commission for your image sales 50/50. 

You will get half the paying price and your image may be sold several times over. The more good images that you produce higher the chance that you will sell them.

Your images used in advertising

If you would like to the opportunity to see your images on Billboards and in magazines then Foap is the way to go. people who spend a lot of time out and about will capitalise on this opportunity. Once an agency decides that they like your images and how you capture them they will seek more of your images out for future campaigns.

Cross marketing

By cross marketing your images you can make money by submitting them through the FOAP app, selling them locally to designers and developers as well as offering a a service selling specific pics such as those of food, animals and small babies. You can also sell your images through a stock agency.

Whenever you take photos of people or property you will need a release form. if you dont have a release form, you will still be able to sell stock photos for editorial purposes, but they cannot be used commercially. You will need to remember this, especially when taking photos where there are people in the background.

By providing a release you will make more money. Good stock agencies include istockphoto, there are many more out there.

30 Ways in 30 days

By signing up to 30 ways in 30 days you will gain access to all the free tools you will need to make the best of your photos, how to meet the criteria for our stok submissions to be successful and growing your portfolio. Everyone that signs up to 30 ways in 30 days will also get a resource file listing all the stock photo sites that they can submit to. There are also app resources for making money.

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