Day 9 - Become a Copywriter

Work from home - SEO copywriting
Writing articles is currently a sought after skill. Native English speakers are in great demand. Search Engine specialists look for good writers that speak English at mother tongue level. Brush up on your writing skills and explore writing for a living.

You will be able to earn between £7 and £25 per article depending on the quality of your work and the client. There are several platforms where you will be able to find work and there are multiple agencies that will hire you directly.

Copywriting for SEO

With the constantly evolving way that the internet provides accessible information search engine optimisation has become a science.Google's bots are now able to pick up how well written content is structured. This is why native speakers are sought out to create the content. There is however quite a bit more to copywriting for SEO. The way written content is structured will influence how well it performs for the search Engines. This includes links within the content which connect to other content within the website and links that lead to external content that is relevant. These links are strategically placed.

Content must be relevant and unique. A good copywriter will use anti plagiarism tools to ensure that their content will be recognised by the search engines as original. Duplicated content is heavily penalised and can cause a website to be indexed, which is disastrous for most.

Where to get work

As a Copywriter, you will work as a Freelancer, and will be able to find work, both offline and online. the best way to do this is to start off on a freelancing platform such as freelancer or iWriter and build a good Portfolio. Having built a portfolio of a few hundred articles you will be in a position to approach agencies across the country.


If you have never written copy before, but can write well, then take on some basic training. 30 ways in 30 days provides basic training in the foundation 30 ways in 30 days course and more intensive training in the copywriting course. A small investment in training will pay off once you establish yourself as a consistently good writer. The writing is not difficult, there is simply a formula that once applied makes for good search engine friendly web copy.

Copywriting makes a solid foundation for developing your own blog and possibly even becoming an affiliate marketer too. Have a look at developing some of the other skills mentioned in the 30 ways in 30 days such as blogging and affiliate marketing and combine them to increase your income exponentially.

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