Day 8 - Become a Test User

Test Users are needed for all sorts of tech. Whether its websites, search engines or mobile phones. user experience more commonly referred to as UX is one of the key features of any new tech application, whether through software or device. 

If you have a love for all things tech and may even want a little variety in what you do then user testing is possibly the ideal route for online income for you.

Becoming a test user

There are several companies that engage test users for about 20 hours a week, although some will provide testing contracts for up to 40 hours a week. Criteria will vary and some will require higher education although many students in the process of completing a degree will also be considered.

Website testers sometimes do not require a degree qualification but may need to have had extensive experience of using the web. If you have had been using the internet frequently for three years or more

It's a really good idea to create and develop a professional resume (CV in the UK) . The work that this blog mentions, is real work, not your dollar a dime signup. Companies accept a lot of people but are looking for the right people, that can write effectively and have evidence of a good work ethic. A well written CV whether you are a student, stay at home Mum or a freelancer will make all the difference in accessing this kind of work.

The best place to start is with a company called User Testing. You start by signing up and verifying your email.

Income is usually around $13 an hour which is around £10 an hour at current UK exchange rates. its not bank breaking but it will certainly put the bread on the table. For those seeking extra income to save for a car or a holiday this type of work is ideal.

By signing up to the 30 ways in 30 days course you will discover a whole list of user testing companies. Each of thses companies operates slightly differently. The 30 ways in 30 days intensive course will illustrate multiple testing platforms, how to apply to them and what kind of work you can expect to do. It will also guide you through the different tasks and how to complete them.

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